The Complete Happy Cavapoo Guide: The A-Z Manual for New and Experienced Owners

Wondering how to welcome your new Cavapoo puppy? Looking for a complete A-Z guide and advice on how to help your puppy develop into a Happy and Well-behaved dog? Wanting to start off on the right foot and avoid dog-behavior professionals for life? Look no more, this book has all the answers you may need and more.

Based on thousands of training encounters over 40 years, Asia Moore’s “The Complete Happy Cavapoo Guide” is showing you how to take great daily care of your Cavapoo, prevent behavior problems and raise a happy, problem-free dog.

Whether you are a new or experienced owner, this book will answer the myriads of questions you have and show you how to best take care of your dog to keep him happy, friendly and well-mannered. Learn how to welcome, feed, train, socialize and care for your Cavapoo, while keeping dog behaviour experts at bay.

Asia is giving you countless tips, techniques and practical advice on caring for your Cavapoo, while at the same time preventing behavior issues before they appear. She is showing you how to be the Ideal Cavapoo guardian and keep your dog happy and well-behaved. Personal anecdotes from Asia’s experience are dispersed throughout the book.

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