The Happy Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Raise Your Puppy to a Happy, Well-Mannered Dog

Wondering how to welcome your new Staffordshire puppy? Looking for daily practical tips and advice on how to help your pup develop into a Happy and Well-behaved dog? Wanting to start off on the right foot and avoid dog-behavior professionals for life? This book has all the answers you need.

Based on thousands of training encounters over 40 years, Asia Moore’s “The Happy Staffordshire Bull Terrier” is showing you exactly how to care for your Staffy, prevent behavior problems and build a happy and loving relationship with your canine friend.

Asia is giving you countless tips, techniques and practical advice aimed specifically at preventing behavior issues, rather than correcting them after they surface. She is showing you how to be the Ideal Staffy guardian and keep your dog happy, healthy and well-behaved.

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